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Amazon Connect - Calculate the cost of Chat

How to calculate the cost of Chat in Amazon Connect
You are correct. We can consider each time an agent or customer hit reply as one message and that message will be billed at .004 cents. However, I would also like to note that messages sent by the contact flow are also billed. I would like to give you the following references in our documentation which talk about chat charges: Amazon Connect FAQ ->  ==================================== Q: How are usage charges calculated?(Only included the answer to chat) For Amazon Connect chat, you are billed $0.004 for the initiation of a chat, which includes an optional message, and additional messages at $0.004 per message. Messages sent in a chat by the end-customer, agent, or by contact flow are billed. System generated events such a participant joined, participant left, chat ended, and participant typing events are not billed. Note: We may limit contact flow usage for chats based on our acceptable use policy, service terms and documentation. ==================================== Amazon Connect Pricing Page ->  ==================================== Chat example An end-customer begins a chat through your website that is made possible by Amazon Connect. The customer begins the chat by sending a message. The chat occurs over multiple hours with two different agents since the end-customer stopped responding and then later resumed the chat when the first agent was no longer online. During the chat, the customer sent 9 messages and the agents sent 15 messages. There is one charge for this chat: 1. There is an Amazon Connect chat charge, based on the total messages sent during the chat (including initial message when chat was started). At $0.004 per message * (9 customer messages + 15 agent messages) = $0.096 So the total for this chat is $0.096 (plus applicable taxes, fees, and surcharges). ====================================

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