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ShoreTel on CISCO Switches using LLDP


There are two possible ways to set up Shoretel phone in a Cisco switching environment. You can either run LLDP or set the port as a trunk.

As of “12.2(37)SE” LLDP is supported on Cisco catalyst switches.

Configuration Example:
SWITCH#config t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
SWITCH(config)#lldp run
SWITCH(config)#int fa0/14
SWITCH(config-if)#switchport voice vlan 190
SWITCH(config-if)#switchport access vlan 180


SWITCH#show vlan

VLAN Name                             Status    Ports
—- ——————————– ——— ——————————-
180  USER-DHCP                  active    Fa0/14
190  VOICE                            active    Fa0/14

SWITCH#show lldp neighbor

Capability codes:
(R) Router, (B) Bridge, (T) Telephone, (C) DOCSIS Cable Device
(W) WLAN Access Point, (P) Repeater, (S) Station, (O) Other

Device ID          Local Intf     Hold-time  Capability      Port ID
Serial Number: 00104Fa0/14        120        B,T             0010.491f.2fe3

Serial Number: 00104Fa0/13        120        B,T             0010.491f.2fb4

Total entries displayed: 2


As you can see, LLDP is now running on the switch. It has detected two LLDP devices, one on port 13 and one on port 14. When I plug a phone or a pc into the port, they both get assigned to the proper VLAN and are able to communicate out. If I plug the PC into the phone, the PC also gets the correct VLAN.

The second option you have is making the port a trunk. If you aren’t able to run LLDP, this is your only other viable option to make sure the phone and the PC aren’t on the same VLAN when you plug the PC into the phone. Of course if you plug only the phone into the port, you can just run the switchport access command, like you would with a PC.

There are some caveats to this second option. If you wish to plug a PC into what was a phone port, you must reconfigure the port for a PC. Also, when the phone boots up, it will hit the primary VLAN for
it’s configuration. This means, your DHCP server must be configured with shoretel options in the user DHCP scope. This also means that when the phone boots up, it will request an IP address from the user DHCP scope and take up an IP address for however long it takes your addresses to expire. It will then boot to the Shoretel DHCP scope you have configured. This option is very messy, I
would recommend upgrading your code before doing this.

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