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How to create new Mobility User in CUCM 8+


(1) Call Manager Configuration Steps to accomplish above:
A - Log into CUCM and locate user to verify user is in Active Directory;
B - In UCM go to User Manager, End User
C - Create A Mobility Profile (Copy and existing profile from another member of the same group);
D -In UCM go to Device, Device Settings, Profile AND Create or Identify the DN that you want to associate with this Device or Mobility Profile
E - In the Device Profile add this DN to the Users Device Profile
F - Subscribe the Device or Profile to the "Extension Mobility” Service 
G - Associate the User to the Device (or mobility profile) In UCM got to User Manager, End User and select your user;
H - Save the default profile (you must first save before you can do the next step)
I - Now set the Primary and UCCX extension for the User
J - Add the User permissions or groups as required
H - Add the Device (or in this case Device Profile) to the RMCM application user
I In UCM go to the User Manager, Application User and find the RMCM user (RMCM3) Move the new user device or profile from the Available to Controlled window (note the user group permissions that RMCM3 has)

(2) UCCX Configuration steps to add the new user as an Agent or Supervisor
Log into UCCX and Goto Subsystems, RMCM, Resources and locate your user (Control F and search for Extension number, in this case 12013)
Assign a Skill, Competency Leave to the User and then assign the User to a Team (in this case 4S), then Save

(3) The User must also have CAD installed on their Computer.   Optionally a User can point and use the Browser based CAD.

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