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How to Setup ShoreTel Softphone


Setting Up A User to Use The Soft Phone

Step 1 – Go to the user’s account under Shoreware Director.

Step 2 – Enable the soft phone for this user.

Step 3 – Save the changes.


Use the Soft Phone

Now you’ll need to go to the user’s ShoreTel Communicator and set up the SoftPhone.

Step 1 – Select Softphone from the Extension Assignment Menu. Drop it down, it should show up as the second option. If it doesn’t appear, make sure Communicator is up to date. Sometimes it just needs restarted, especially if you are connected over a VPN connection.

Step 2 – Make sure your headset is plugged in. Communicator will typically default to whatever is the current sound output. You can change it in the Options menu under “Smart Phone”.

If everything is set up right, you should now be able to make calls from ShoreTel Communicator and the call will play over your headset. If you need to send digits to the call (like to select menu options) just right click on the call and select the “Send Digits” option.

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