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How to Setup Smart Host - ShoreTel or CISCO



  1. On the ShoreWare server select Start, Programs, Administrative Tools, Internet Information Services Manager (IIS6).

  2. Click to expand the Server listed then Highlight Default SMTP (right-click Properties).

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  3. Select Delivery tab then the Advanced button.

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    User-added image

  4. In the "SmartHost" field, configure the IP Address of their Exchange Server.  i.e. [] Typing the IP address of the server in brackets is necessary so that the server recognizes this is an IP address and does not attempt to do a DNS lookup.

  5. Ensure that the checkbox for "Attempt direct delivery" is selected. (This is only if they are NOT forcing SMTP traffic through an Exchange Server. If they are, checking this will cause 1019 errors in the Event Viewer.)

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  6. Once the IP Address is configured, Stop and Start SMTP.

  7. Please Note: On a properly configured DNS the Smarthost is not required. If you find that it is necessary you should check the following:
    Look at your DNS entries, they may be: Out of Sync, Corrupted or Non-Existent 

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