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User Import Notes

Copy the DBImportSample.csv file from the ShoreTel server:
C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server
At a minimum, the following fields must be populated in the .csv file:
Extension, First Name, Last Name, GUI Login Name, GUI Password, TUI Password, User License Type, User Group, Allow Telephony Presence (T or F).
If you want to assign DID’s, the DID Range and DID Number fields must be populated in the following format “14238553800” (without the “”).
The DID Ranges should be added to the trunk group prior to importing the .csv. If you want to define the outbound caller id,
the CallerID field must be populated with the number in the format “14238553800” (without the “”)
User License Type should be formatted as “Extension-Only”, “Extension-Mailbox”, “Mailbox-Only” (do not enter the “”)
The User Group should be created prior to importing the .csv Save the DBImportSample.csv file as import.csv
C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\Shoreware Server Have another .csv file made with all fields empty except the Extension number field (name it delete.csv or something similar). If the .csv import file doesn’t work for some reason, the delete.csv file will delete any entries that did get created.
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