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CISCO Cheat Sheet setting up Self Provisioning



(1) Setup SelfSetup


(a) (Create CTI Route Point and Extension for SelfSetup)


(b) Add DN for new Route Point (user dials for SelfSetup) 6999


(c) Add New Application User Account - SelfSetup, Password Select CTI Port


as user device, add Standard CTI Enabled group to ths users


(d) User Management, Self Provisoning, Set Authentcation Mode (this resets service, ignore error and save again)






(2) Universal Device Template


User Management User Phone, Universal Devce Template


Name, Devce Settings, Devce Routing, Phone Settings,


Phone Buttons (edit one line) copy #PrimraryExtention#


IP Phone Services Subscription




(3) Universal Line Template


User Mangement, User Phone, Uiversal Line Template


Name( ULT-SP-CA)


Line Description, Route Partition, VM profile, CCS, Alert Nmae


Directory Number Settings


Call Foward Settings - Other \


Ring Duraton




(4) User Manaagement, User Settings, User Profile


Set Profile (set templates for Devce Line, Allow Self Provision)




(5) End User, note no Directory Number Assocation


USer Phone Add, Quick User Phone Add


Select User


Under Extenson create new extension using line template


Back to End User and see Drectory Number Association


Back to User Profile Page, Associate Users to Profiles


Back to User chack User Profile, User Self ServiceUser ID




(6) Setup Auto Registraton


System, CISCO UCM, Server, check range for AutoReg, Template


Cisco Unified Call ManagerGroup all so check AutoReg




(7) Setup empty Translation Pattern


Translation Patter Blank


CSS includes the CTI SelfSetup route point


Call Party Transform Mask = SelfSetup Extension number




(8)Create Unversal Device Template for AutoRegstraton


Name and base detals


Device Routing CSS for AutoRegstraton


Servce Configuration Setting remove URL from IDLE




(9_Create New Line Template for AutoRegstratio


Name, required settings




(10) Assocate templates for Auto


Server, CISCO CUCM, Templates




(11) Serviceitiblity verfy Self Provisioning IVR is started.

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