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CISCO Cheat Sheet- Configure Single Number Reach


How to Configure Reach me anyway; or  "Single Number Reach", Mobile Connect


1 - CUCM Configuration Components:


(a) Check that the Device is assigned to a User (not annonymous);


(b) Create a new device Profile (Device, Setting, Remote Destination Profile);


(c) Add a DN to the Destination Profile;


(d) End user should have Mobility Information, set to a primary device;


(e) Create a New SoftKey Template with Mobilty SoftKey (Device, Device Settings);


(f) Apply the SoftKey Template to the target user phone;


2 - User Configuration through Self Service Portal


(a) Note New Alternative Number


(b) Add the SNR number with 9+


(c) Turn Mobility on/off with Softkey


The website has video presentation of this configuration.

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