Advanced DIY Call Center Kit for $995?

Build it yourself?

Configuring a simple inbound routing solution using Amazon Connect is something that a reasonable non-technical professional could do.  Spin up the instance, add a phone line, drag and drop a few call flow elements, add some agents and you will be taking phone calls in no time!  (See our Basic $195 DYI).   Building a contact center that addresses the most request features for a contact center, that is a different story.   Creating options like voice mail, transcriptions, advance routing and queue management,  direct agent dialing and implementing custom agent dashboards will require not only technical skills, but experience that comes only from years of building call center solutions!

Advanced DYI Kit!

We provide you with detailed video instructions on both the configuration options and the contact flows!  We include the lambda functions required to implement the dynamic reconfiguration of the call center based on the DNIS or number the caller dialed.  Options are documented with tech tip video coaching that covers installing and configuring not only  the call center, but the optional voice mail and agent dashboards.   We also include “tips” and recommendations that are based on years of experience building call centers!

See a detailed presentation of the solution! 

The kit is available in the DrVoIP Shop and include one hour of technical support! –