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The best way to begin a conversation with us is just pick up a phone and call (phones can actually be used to have a real time conversation),  hit the chat link when we are online, email or book a time slot below.

The information you provide will help us to have the most appropriate person contact you.

Our ultimate goal is to understand not only your technical objectives, but your business objectives as well.   Working together, we will gather and analyze your requirements and ultimately deliver a world-class solution on time, on budget!

Generally, we are able to respond to inquiries within a few hours during normal business hour (with exception of holidays and weekends).

( We used to have a really nice form for you to fill out, but it just seem to collect internet garbage, spam and countless SQL injection probes!)

Las Vegas, HQ

5348 Vegas Drive #1401 Las Vegas, NV 89108

Calabash, North Carolina

Crow Creek, Calabash North Carolina 28467

For Immediate Support or to request information

If you have an immediate need for remote technical support for an existing VoIP deployment, Computer Network, CyberSecurity or Call Center issue (UCCX or Amazon. Connect) , please open a ticket by clicking the link below.

NOTE Our Service Level Agreement is to handle prepaid tickets first, all others on a best efforts basis.

You can purchase technical support by the hour, or by the discounted block rate. 

We suggest you purchase an hour of single instance support. You will receive an incident number per email which you can track ticket status at any time.  Optionally you can schedule a discussion:


Open Support Ticket