CRM Integrations

What do you mean “Integrate”?

The word “integrate” needs a bit of discussion.   We have a wide range of experience orchestrating the harmony of your call center and your Customer Relationship Management solution.  There are different levels of integration however and we need to define exactly what we mean by that word within the context our your call center.

Basic “Screen POP”

Generally folks want as much information as they can get about the caller as it is presented to the customer service representative.  Typically you grab the incoming caller ID and look it up in the CRM to see if a contact record exists and if so, “pop” that record to the agent on call answer.

Amazon Connect now offers a couple of new features that enable this functionality even if you do not have a CRM.   These features let you build your own “customer profiles” and even create “Cases” that can be assigned as “Tasks” to be followed up by others.

Advanced “Screen POP”

Sometimes the incoming Caller ID is not enough and we have to prompt the caller to enter additional details.  For Example: “Gandalf Degrey, glad to hear from you!   We see you have two open tickets.  Which Ticket are you calling about this morning”.    You can see that this requires that a dialog or conversation be created withe the caller before the call is presented to the agent for further resolution

Customer Profiles

Amazon Connect enables your to pull information from popular CRM packages that include ServiceNow, Salesforce, Zendesk and the list will continue to grow.   You can also output records from your internal proprietary CRM solutions through S3 and into the Customer Profiles of your Agent Dashboard.

What Agent Dashboard will you use?

Is it “big CRM, little call center” or is it “Big call center, little CRM”?  Most of the current CRM solutions want to embed your Agent call control in their GUI, but you might prefer to use a more advanced Agent dashboard or a custom dashboard of your own creation.  Determining what the Agent dashboard will be most useful is a decision that will also impact a potential integration.


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