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How can an Agent Originate an SMS message in Amazon Connect ! - Part 2 Routing the Return Message
SMS Return Message Routing In part 1 of this blog we looked at three options that enable an Agent to [...]
How can an Agent Originate an SMS message in Amazon Connect !
Pinpoint SMS For some time now, you have been able to channel SMS messages through the Amazon Connect CHAT API, [...]
Amazon Connect Video Update:
Transforming Customer Service with Visual Interaction In April 2022, we introduced our first blog and demo showcasing the integration of [...]
Configuring Amazon Connect Voice Mail
Configuring Amazon Connect Voice Mail For several years we have been deploying a modified version of the Amazon Connect Voice [...]
Membership notification system using AWS Pinpoint SMS!
The Challenge! We had a voice notification system setup to alert member of our "club" about meetings and special events.  [...]
Amazon Connect Emergency Notification System
Emergency Notification? There are a number of use cases for an application that can process a list of contacts to [...]
"Do it yourself" kit for deploying an advanced Amazon Connect Instance!
Dynamic Call Centers? We can dynamically reconfigure our contact flows, the experience a caller has when calling our contact center.  [...]
Agent Step-by-Step Guide
Amazon Connect Agent Scripts? We have been very impressed with Amazon Connect's growing move into an embedded CRM.  Customer Profiles [...]
Can you Delete an Amazon Connect Contact Flow?
Out of the Box? AWS has configured the contact center to work out of the box.  Add a phone number, [...]
WTF is a DNIS Map?
Route by DNIS? A common call center request is to provide a custom greetings or route a call to a [...]
Amazon Connect adds a CRM package?
Is Amazon building a CRM Competitor? Amazon Connect continues to innovate and is adding new features at an accelerated rate.  [...]
Deploy an Amazon Connect Contact Center for $195?
Pay Only for what you use We have been working with Amazon Connect since the product was introduced back in [...]
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