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What are Amazon Connect "soft" Limits?
Only Ten Phone Calls? If you are attempting to setup an Amazon Connect instance you need to understand some limiting [...]
Amazon Connect CRM Integrations and Custom Phone (CCP)
Call Center Integration It is rare to find a call center that does not have an integration requirement.  Sometimes the [...]
Amazon Connect "Auto Post Call Customer Survey"?
Most frequently asked Question about Amazon Connect this week! At a time when we are buried building "work at home" [...]
Give Amazon Connect Phone system features with "Dial by Name" functionality
Press 1 for.... Why? It is the 21st Century and there are two technologies that are still in use: Fax [...]
Amazon Connect Configuration - Tutorial Video!
Basic Amazon Connect Configuration Guide If you are interested in learning how to configure Amazon Connect, this guide will walk [...]
Dextr adds Global Quick Connects for Amazon Call Centers!
  Dextr Quick Connects Dextr has always had a “directory” service that enabled agents to transfer callers in and out [...]
Amazon Connect - Can Agents log in and out of individual Queues?
Agents in Multiple Queues One of the more requested features among call center managers is to freely move Agents in [...]
What your home WiFi and Smartphone are telling the entire planet!
Geo-location Wifi databases? How many of you are aware that there are maps, accessible to the public that show your [...]
Amazon Connect & Dextr now support Chat
Dextr Website Chat Integration The ability to integrate your Company Website with your call center is a powerful customer experience [...]
Amazon Connect Deep Call Back Option! - a lesson in Contact Attributes
The Call Back Dilemma ! It is now common place to hear an option while you are on hold in [...]
Amazon Connect - A Voice Mail Solution!
What no Voice Mail? One of the surprises you get when working with Amazon Connect is the fact that, out [...]
Amazon Connect - Is today a Holiday?
Is Today A Holiday? Having deployed hundreds of CISCO UCCX and ShoreTel ECC and other Contact Centers, checking to see [...]
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