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DrVoIP named Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partner
For Immediate Release! DrVoIP Achieves the Amazon Connect Service Delivery Designation May 15, 2019 DrVoIP announced today that it has [...]
Understanding Amazon Connect Call Center Pricing!
Amazon Connect Basic Pricing Model Even the most hostile competitor will grant that Amazon has changed the pricing game in [...]
What makes up a basic Amazon Connect Call Center?
Simplicity! Clearly the self service configuration of an AWS Connect instance is easy enough for a call center supervisor to [...]
Why would you text a picture to your Amazon Connect call center?
If you have ever worked in a help desk technical support role in a call center environment, you have always [...]
IT First Responder SMS Hotline!
If you work in an enterprise IT environment as a team member you know the drill for a system down [...]
Amazon Connect Configuration Best Practices – Part 3 After Hours Call Flow with SMS!
Providing options for callers to you contact center after normal business hours is always a good practice. Our standard “after [...]
Amazon Connect Configuration Best Practices – Part 2 Customer Queue Flow
Making the caller “comfortable” while waiting in queue for the next available agent is the primary role of a “customer [...]
Amazon Connect Configuration Best Practices – Part 1 Main Greeting options
Every Call Center is in fact unique, but the all share a common theme that can be encoded for recreating [...]
Amazon Connect Forced Release Behavior Option
Sometimes it is better to give folks what they want, rather than what they need! Over the years of working [...]
Amazon Connect voice prompts with POLLY text to speech.
One of the most challenging implementation tasks for an implementation engineer or application developer is getting the client stake holders [...]
Lex a conversational voice interface for Amazon Connect call trees.
Historically touch tone "call trees" have over populated the IVR landscape prompting callers to "Press 1 for this and Press [...]
Amazon Connect Custom Integration tools!
If you have taken the time to experiment with AWS Connect and the creation of a cloud call center instance, [...]
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