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A Five9 Call Center "cloud" migration success story!
Time for a new Call Center? Recently we had the opportunity to move a major enterprise call center from a [...]
WANtelligence - Software Defined Networks!
WANtelligence? Recently while working an RFQ project to re-mediate the WAN for a major health care practice management company,  we [...]
ShoreTel Board takes company private?
"ShoreTel  (SHOR) is in final stages of rolling out ShoreTel Connect". Who cares? Technology issues aside, ShoreTel remains dog meat [...]
Recording ShoreTel phone calls!
Call Center not Required! Long the standard in boiler room call center applications, recording calls is often a requirement outside [...]
TEXT-2-AGENT Sending text and pictures to your call center?
Can you send a picture to your ShoreTel or CISCO Call Center We have been integrating SMS to CISCO UCCX [...]
Customer Service by the Numbers - brightmetrics!
In business what is measured gets done! We subscribe to the business adage that what is measured gets done! For [...]
Call, Click or Text your Contact Center?
Mobile devices are the most ubiquitous devices on the planet! Text messages are read almost instantly, never miss their target [...]
Understanding ShoreTel Connect ECC Shifts!
Why use Shifts at all? Most call centers have "on hours" and "off hours" that route callers to different options [...]
TOP ShoreTel Connect Installation Gotcha's !
So you are upgrading to ShoreTel Connect!  Watch out for these blistering hot spots: Assume you have a call center [...]
Configuring Compliance Recording with CISCO Workforce Optimzaiton
For compliance will you Record Audio or Screen? There are a range of products and services that can be used [...]
Build ShoreTel Connect inside your own private Cloud using AWS!
Placing your ShoreTel HQ in the "cloud"? Moving the ShoreTel HQ server to a data center to increase system resiliency, [...]
Add DNIS routing to your ShoreTel ECC Contact Center!
Why Route by DNIS? Routing by the number the caller dialed, or DNIS is the preferred routing strategy for any [...]
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