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Call, Click or Text your Contact Center?
Mobile devices are the most ubiquitous devices on the planet! Text messages are read almost instantly, never miss their target [...]
Understanding ShoreTel Connect ECC Shifts!
Why use Shifts at all? Most call centers have "on hours" and "off hours" that route callers to different options [...]
TOP ShoreTel Connect Installation Gotcha's !
So you are upgrading to ShoreTel Connect!  Watch out for these blistering hot spots: Assume you have a call center [...]
Configuring Compliance Recording with CISCO Workforce Optimzaiton
For compliance will you Record Audio or Screen? There are a range of products and services that can be used [...]
Build ShoreTel Connect inside your own private Cloud using AWS!
Placing your ShoreTel HQ in the "cloud"? Moving the ShoreTel HQ server to a data center to increase system resiliency, [...]
Add DNIS routing to your ShoreTel ECC Contact Center!
Why Route by DNIS? Routing by the number the caller dialed, or DNIS is the preferred routing strategy for any [...]
What Carrier can provide Fiber to my branch office?
What Carrier do I use for this location? If are responsible for planning out a WAN connectivity solution for your [...]
ShoreTel lsp_ping and the SG-Vphone coma!
Ping a network engineers best friend! Most network folks are comfortable with a standard Ping command.    Some even know that [...]
Compare CISCO and ShoreTel "dial plans" and "calling priviledges"!
What is a route or dial plan? Most if not all phone systems provide for route plans and calling or [...]
Trouble Shooting ShoreTel ECC Scripts
ShoreTel ECC Future? The ShoreTel ECC or enterprise contact center is a remarkable product in many ways.   Though we are [...]
CISCO Version 11 - New "Conference Now" feature!
Is your ShoreTel or CISCO Audio Conference Secure? Most all phone systems have some embedded resource for ad-hock audio conferences, [...]
CISCO Configuration Professional Express
When you lease expect it, expect it! We were deploying a new CISCO Voice Gateway, a CISCO 2921 with a [...]
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