Amazon Connect Call Center Managed Service Option

You outsource your payroll, why not your Contact Center?

We can provide a customized Amazon Connect Contact Center on a managed service basis.  We configure, deploy, maintain and support your call center, designed to meet your requirements.   You do nothing but answer customer calls and focus on your business!   Our team will take care of your call center for you.

What we provide?

We will work with you to complete our contact center design and planning guide.  We will work with your key stake holders to hammer out call flows, on/off hour call handling, customer service queues, message handling, channels (voice, SMS, Chat, etc.) reporting and agent configurations.     On receipt of  your initial deposit we will build out your contact center.  You will be required to maintain a balance equal to the average three month cost of your contact center as evidenced by your AWS bill account invoice.

How Much?

You will be billed on a cost plus 15% management fee.  A minimum voice only contact center using the standard Agent interface will be billed by AWS at a modest  .018 cents a connected minute plus telecom cost.   Adding more features like CRM integrations will increase costs but you will find them to be significantly less than competitive offerings.  See our “understanding Amazon Connect pricing” outline.