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Amazon Connect - Start/Stop/Pause/Resume voice recording?
Recording and Analytics While configuring Amazon Connect contact flows you will find a "SET Recording and Analytics?  step that you [...]
Amazon Connect - Play Pre-Recorded messages to remote Voice Mail?
Recorded Message Use Case In an outbound  call center an agent may make several hundred phone calls each and every [...]
Amazon Connect - Setting Caller ID and Name for Outbound dial by Agents
Amazon Connect Caller ID Name and Number basics! Historically, the only caller ID you can send, is that of a [...]
Amazon Connect Transfer to Queue or Transfer to Flow?
When to Transfer to Flow and Why? A typical call flow might have a caller reach an IVR Call Tree [...]
Dextr configures Amazon Connect Voice Call Recording by individual State Law!
To record or not to record, that is the question It is very common to call into a contact center [...]
Amazon Connect Historical Reporting using Dextr Flex!
Real time or Historical Report? If you think about reporting there is a fine line that separates a "real time" [...]
Amazon Connect Historical Reporting and Query Language!
Slice and Dice your Contact Records! Dextr now has a full Historical Reporting Engine for Amazon Connect.   A new ICON [...]
What exactly is a Contact Trace Record?
Exactly what  is a CTR? Amazon Connect creates a "contact trace record" with a unique "contact ID" for each phone [...]
Dextr steps closer to AI in the Call Center with LENS integration!
  Dextr integrates transcriptions, comprehension and sentiment analysis ! Contact center supervisors are hungry for insight into things like whether [...]
Advanced Post Call Survey using Amazon Connect and LENS!
Post Call Survey configurations Configuring a post call survey in Amazon Connect is very straight forward and many others have [...]
Direct Extension Dialing and queue based Voice Mail for Amazon Connect!
Call Center with PBX like features? One of the most requested features folks deploying Amazon Connect typically ask for is [...]
Configure Amazon Connnect for SSO using Microsoft Azure
Azure AD Configuration There is work that needs to be done on both sides and typically two different engineers will [...]
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