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Building an "Appointment Reminder and Phone Tree" using Amazon Connect!
The Phone Tree Concept Phone Tree's are have a wide range of use cases from emergency notification alerts, to social [...]
Amazon Connect Call Center Frequently Asked Questions!
We offer an illustrated Detailed Planning guide for outlining the issues you need to should consider if you are designing [...]
Amazon Connect - Start/Stop/Pause/Resume voice recording?
Recording and Analytics While configuring Amazon Connect contact flows you will find a "SET Recording and Analytics?  step that you [...]
Amazon Connect - Play Pre-Recorded messages to remote Voice Mail?
Recorded Message Use Case In an outbound  call center an agent may make several hundred phone calls each and every [...]
Amazon Connect - Setting Caller ID and Name for Outbound dial by Agents
Amazon Connect Caller ID Name and Number basics! Historically, the only caller ID you can send, is that of a [...]
Amazon Connect Transfer to Queue or Transfer to Flow?
When to Transfer to Flow and Why? A typical call flow might have a caller reach an IVR Call Tree [...]
Dextr configures Amazon Connect Voice Call Recording by individual State Law!
To record or not to record, that is the question It is very common to call into a contact center [...]
Amazon Connect Historical Reporting using Dextr Flex!
Real time or Historical Report? If you think about reporting there is a fine line that separates a "real time" [...]
Amazon Connect Historical Reporting and Query Language!
Slice and Dice your Contact Records! Dextr now has a full Historical Reporting Engine for Amazon Connect.   A new ICON [...]
What exactly is a Contact Trace Record?
Exactly what  is a CTR? Amazon Connect creates a "contact trace record" with a unique "contact ID" for each phone [...]
Dextr steps closer to AI in the Call Center with LENS integration!
  Dextr integrates transcriptions, comprehension and sentiment analysis ! Contact center supervisors are hungry for insight into things like whether [...]
Advanced Post Call Survey using Amazon Connect and LENS!
Post Call Survey configurations Configuring a post call survey in Amazon Connect is very straight forward and many others have [...]
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