AWS Connect Contact Center Quick Start Discovery Questioner

This template is meant to serve as a guide to discovery questions to discuss with customer.  Discovery questions should not be limited to this document.   This document is used as organized talking points during discovery discussions.

General Questions

  • Describe your company’s business.
  • Describe the business conducted through the call center.
  • What type of call are the agents processing? Inbound?  Outbound?  Blended?
  • How do you measure the success of your call center?
  • What are the key indicators of success?
  • Do you adhere to Service Level Requirements?
  • How many agents will be using Amazon?
  • Do agents work multiple shifts?
  • Are agents in one office location or are they working remote?
  • What monthly call volume should we anticipate for inbound and/or outbound?
  • What are your call center hours of operation?
  • How do you handle after hour and holiday closures?
  • What is the out pulse ANI you will be using if/when you make an Outbound call?

Call Flow Process

  • Describe your current call flow process as it pertains to your business model.
  • Do you have your current call flow process documented?
  • When a call is connected to an Agent, what is their workflow?
  • If the customer shows interest in your product, does the agent you first connected with the customer close the sale or is the call transferred to another agent?
  • Do you use verifiers? If yes, will the verifiers be taking calls using Amazon?
  • What data is gathered on the call? Will that data be housed in an external CRM or captured in a worksheet?
  • Do you need to share that data with systems outside of Amazon? External database?


  • Will your campaigns be running in a blended environment? (Inbound and outbound campaigns running simultaneously)
  • How many campaigns will be running simultaneously?
  • Campaigns in Amazon run independently of one another. Do you currently treat campaigns this way?
  • Would agents be assigned to one campaign or assigned across multiple campaigns?
  • Does each campaign require unique requirements? (Ex:  filters, out pulse ANI, workflow rules)
  • Do you agents follow a speaking script for each call?


  • What dispositions (call result) should be set for each campaign?
  • For each disposition (primarily for outbound campaigns) indicate redial behavior.
  • For each system disposition, indicate if redial behavior should differ from default settings.
  • Do you want an immediate email / IM notification sent for specific dispositions?

Call Recordings

  • Is 100% call recording required?
  • How will you store call recordings? Store on Amazon for a maximum of 30 days or transfer to your FTP?
  • If FTP – can you provide your hostname, username, and password information?
  • If FTP – should recordings be deleted from Amazon after upload?
  • At what level do you need recordings? Campaign, disposition, domain?
  • Should agents have the ability to control live call recordings?


  • Will you be offering voicemail options to customers?
  • Should agents receive an email if they receive a personal voicemail?

Call Backs

  • How do you handle customer call backs (EX: Customer notices you’re out pulse ANI and calls the number back)
  • Are callbacks routed to an IVR and sent to queue or straight to VM?
  • What group of agents will be handing call backs?
  • Do you want customers to be able to reach a specific agent by entering an extension?
  • Do you want to offer callers the ability to opt out of future calls and be added to the DNC list in the IVR?


  • What dialing mode are you interested in using for outbound campaigns? (Power, preview, progressive, predictive)
  • How should the dialer work through a list? List penetration?  Vertical dialing?
  • Will you be using answering machine detection?
  • What is your dialing schedule?
  • Are you calling different states that require you to adhere to specific dialing rules?
  • When multiple attempts are required to reach a live person, how many times should we attempt to call and in what timeframe?


  • Where are you getting your lists from?
  • What is the source file of your list? .CSV file?  Web form?
  • What is the unique identifier used to determine duplicate contacts in a list?
  • How often do you change / update lists with new contacts?
  • Do you update existing lists or add new lists?
  • How will lists be distributed among multiple campaigns? One list per campaign OR  multiple lists per campaign?


  • How do you currently manage “do not call” contact records?
  • Do you have your own DNC list that you intend on uploading to Amazon?


  • Describe your IVR call flow, queuing practice, and prompts used.
  • Do you have your IVR documented?
  • Describe your IVR call flow for after hours and holiday closures.
  • What skills will be used to transfer calls within the IVR?
  • Are you using call prioritization?
  • For IVR prompts and recordings, will you be using TTS (text-to-speech) or custom recorded voice prompts?
  • Will you be using custom hold music?
  • Will there be any custom messages to callers waiting in queue?
  • Do you want to speak the estimated wait time to callers?
  • Do you want to offer voicemails while callers are in queue?
  • Do you want to offer callbacks in lieu of waiting in queue?
  • Is there a need to query information on the caller within the IVR?


  • What specific reporting requirements do you have?
  • What statistics do you need to measure?
  • How often to you run reports?
  • Should reports be scheduled to run and sent automatically?


  • For Agent, Supervisor and Administrator workstations, please identify:
  • Will agents be using Amazon softphone?
  • Will agents be using an existing hard phone at their desk? If yes –


  • Who will be administering the system and be required to attend all training meetings to support the system on an on-going basis?
  • How is real-time monitoring performed and by whom?
  • Why type of internal training organization is in place?

CRM Integration (General)

  • Who developed and maintains your CRM application?
  • Describe the workflow (in your CRM) an agent will follow for an inbound call.
  • Describe the workflow (in your CRM) an agent will follow for an outbound call.
  • What CRM page will pop to an agent for an inbound call?
  • What CRM page will pop to an agent for an outbound call?
  • If utilizing screen pop – what is the trigger? (call accepted, disposition selected, etc)
  • Is the screen pop dependent on specific information on the contact record?
  • For outbound dialing, are contact lists you will be dialing from already in your CRM?
  • Will you load contacts into your CRM application first or directly into Amazon?
  • What call information do you want to capture in the CRM?

Salesforce integration

  • What version of Salesforce are you currently using?
  • Other than Amazon, do you have any other Salesforce integrations currently in use?
  • Do you have any APEX customizations developed in-house? Do these customizations use API calls?
  • Describe the workflow (in Salesforce) an agent will follow for an inbound call.
  • Describe the workflow (in Salesforce) an agent will follow for an outbound call.
  • For an outbound call, what page should screen pop to the agent? (lead, contact, account)
  • For an inbound call, what page should screen pop to the agent? (lead, contact, account)
  • For outbound dialing, how mane leads/contacts do you need to initially load into Amazon?
  • Will you load contacts into Salesforce first or directly into Amazon?
  • NOTE: Regarding “list sync” – customers with large lists (10, 000 + records) or other APEX processes and jobs could exceed the amount of allowable API calls or code statements by Salesforce.

Multi-Channel | Email

  • What is your current email response process?
  • List the groups/departments that will use SCC email with Amazon.
  • Are emails submitted via web-form, direct to an email, or both?
  • Describe the agent workflow of email processing today.
  • How do you handle replies? Route to same agent or queue?
  • What attributes do you want to track on individual emails?
  • Please provide:
  • AID or cherry picking?
  • Will your email messages contain attachments? If yes, what is the file size?
  • Will your agents be forwarding messages?
  • Will emails be routed to the last agent who handled the interaction? (Stickiness)
  • What is the maximum allowed interaction that a user can handle or assign under his name for Email?
  • What dispositions are required for Email?
  • What volume of emails are you expecting on a daily basis

Multi-Channel | Chat

  • What is the reason for end-users using chat? Technical support, billing questions, order status?
  • Are there multiple chat topics and are they processed by different agents?
  • Is there a phone call follow up option?
  • Do you currently have a chat system and process in place?
  • Is this implementation a replacement or addition?
  • How do end-users access the chat request and how are they routed upon completion?
  • How do you handle follow-up chat requests from the same person? Route to same agent or queue?
  • Do you have your own web development code chat?
  • Will you require any customizations on the web form?
  • Will agents be performing agent to agent transfers?
  • What is the maximum allowed interaction that a user can handle or assign under his name for Chat?
  • What dispositions are required for chat?
  • What volume of chats are you expecting on a daily basis

Multi-Channel | social

  • Which Platforms do you plan to bring into the call center