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Your ShoreTel Provider - What does it take to implement VoIP!
If you ask your average IT professional what a T span is, the usual response will be that it is [...]
760 Area Code Change to 442 - San Diego
760 AREA CODE Who Will be Affected? All customers with a 760 number will have to change the way they [...]
What is a ShoreTel DVM and why do I need one?
What exactly is the value of a Distributed Voice Mail Server (e.g. DVM)?   What are the pro’s and con’s of [...]
Voip Network Monitoring
We have been actively working with VoIP since 1999!   Since 2001 we have installed well over 10,000 ShoreTel desktops and [...]
SIP Softphone on Asterisk, CISCO and ShoreTel
Configuring SIP extensions has become one of the most requested support questions we receive. Asterisk, CISCO and ShoreTel all support [...]
Fax on VoIP IPBX systems!
When VoIP gateways first started hitting the market back in 98′, the vendors tried to packetize DTMF and quickly learned [...]
VoIP and Microsoft Outlook Integration?
Does your Microsoft Outlook Integrate with your phone system?   This functionality is getting to be the “minimum daily adult requirement” [...]
ShoreTel compatible audio conference server?
SIP trunks can be used for a wide variety of call processing  solutions, some of which are very cost effective [...]
ShoreTel Contact Center - Integrated Agent Tool Bar
The ShoreTel Contact Center provides two strategies for call management at the desktop.   We have found that the basic [...]
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