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Call Center Design
It is very normal to start planning a call center around the concept of DNIS, Groups, Agents and Skills.  Experience [...]
ShoreTel Location Based Services
At first I had to think about why I would want LBS on my ShoreTel Mobile Call Manager?   After [...]
ShoreTel CRM Integration
Every business desktop seems to have some type of customer or ticket management software solution.  Outlook and Notes are very [...]
Priority Call Management?
Are all your customers equal?  Every business owner, large or small knows the answer to that question and the answer [...]
VoIP System Design - Call Flow
Installing a VoIP solution has a wide range of technical issues that need to be addressed, organized and accounted for. [...]
ShoreTel Version 9 Personalized Call Handling Options
Call Handling modes has always been one of ShoreTel’s most popular user features. The concept is simple: define how you [...]
ShoreTel Contact Center C2G Interaction Reports
Prior to release of ShoreTel Contact Center Version 5.0, reporting was essentially statistical analysis. The Contact Center had very useful [...]
To VOIP QOS or not to VOIP QOS?
In telephony, IP QOS is somewhere between a science and an art. Setting up VOIP QOS on your network is [...]
LLDP-MED speeds ShoreTel VoIP installations!
Using a VoIP phone system and installing one, are two entirely different user experiences!  Most product development efforts focus necessarily [...]
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