A Cure for the common Hold?
September 1st, 2013
The Symptoms  - Help!  My on-hold recording warbles like a wounded canary!  If your customers are kvetching over the aches and pains of listening to your wobbly, distorted on-hold recordings, it's time to seek medical help. The Causes - The growing number of professionals who conduct business on the move is part of the affliction, along with the rapid exodus from traditional landline phones to more mobile technologies that rely on the strength of broadband to function. To cope with the massive communications overload, cell towers are constantly switching between multiple cell phone conversations every second, which can make recorded music sound wobbly, distorted and the speech content almost impossible to understand. It's an epidemic. And, depending on how busy the local towers are with calls, they'll reproduce music reasonably well when call traffic is very light. Other times, because of heavy traffic or poor reception, the on-hold messages themselves will sound freakin' awful. The Cure - On Hold Advertising has the Rx for the common hold and will make your recording sound awesome! We custom produce all kinds of voice media with no music, just highly professional voice talents. Or, we can spice it up with catchy rhythmic backgrounds specially created to workaround the nuances of cellular connections.  For more tips on making the most of telecommunications marketing to keep your customers happy, and maybe a little less insane, visit us at onholdadvertising.net.