Get The Most out of your ShoreTel Communications System
March 27th, 2009
ShoreTel Training for Small Businesses There are many incredible services available to help small businesses with ShoreTel training for their ShoreTel communications system. With all of the great opportunities for businesses to have one-on-one support as well as comprehensive online tutorials, it is easier than it has ever been to truly get the most from your ShoreTel VoIP system. Some of the offerings available for this type of hands on ShoreTel training include online courses that can give small businesses the knowledge they need to install, configure, trouble-shoot and thoroughly learn the administrative process. However, by far the most powerful tool available for businesses is the ShoreTel training VoIP Solutions DVD. This incredible training DVD will give small businesses the power to effectively learn the skills they need to make their system as functional as possible. This includes managing IP phones; setting up and creating users, hunt groups, automated attendants, and trunk groups. This type of training gives businesses and business owners the tools they need to make their ShoreTel communications system work for them and make their VoIP solution as efficient as possible. Below you will find some of the administrative processes and other functions of your ShoreTel system that the ShoreTel training VoIP solutions DVD will allow your business to quickly and easily implement. •    Dialing Plan Definition •    SIP Basics •    Professional Call Manager Integration •    Configuring Application Servers •    Trunk Group Definition •    System Installation Overview •    Configuring IP Phones •    Setting Call Control Options •    Microsoft Unified Communications Server •    Configuring Switches