Memorial Day and ShoreTel Holiday Greetings Schedules!
May 22nd, 2009
It happens every year, every holiday at exactly the same time.  Usually, at 4PM the day before the “holiday” that everyone know was coming, your entire client base calls to ask you how to change the Automated Attendant for a holiday greeting!  One of the features that every ShoreTel System Administrator truly appreciates is a fully automagic Automated Attendant! The means it knows when it is a holiday and it changes the greeting automatically!  ShoreTel does a really great job with this feature. You can set up your entire holiday schedule for the year and then forget about it. Each Automated Attendant can have a schedule applied to it that can even include Custom or half days.  You can record a generic holiday greeting:  “You have reached at a time when we are close for the holiday”, which saves you the effort of having to record a special greeting for each holiday, but the schedule can automate the entire process and save your service organization a lot of time repeating the programming instructions!  In fact, we have recorded the instructions we have given them so often.  We have an automated holiday greeting that says “press 1 if you are calling to learn how to change your holiday greeting”! Have a great Memorial Day holiday and remember that this is weekend is not all about life at the beach.   Memorial day is the day we honor those who did not come home;  those who gave their life in the service of their country so that we could enjoy the tremendous benefits of living in America. ShoreTel holiday schedule