How to set up Backup for ShoreTel VG50 and VG90 V siwtches!
August 24th, 2009
Both models of the ShoreTel VG90 and VG50 are availabe in V switch configurations.   The V switch configuration enables you to provide local voice mail and autoamted attendant functionality to a smalll site economically.  Compared to the cost of adding a distributed voice mail server, the SG50V and SG90V are economically viable alaternatives that should be considered as you plan for resilency and site continuity during a WAN outage. Due to the CF card capacity, daily backup of  voice mail and automated-attendnat is advised.  When automatic backup is enabled in the ShoreWare Director, it begins immediately after the server completes its daily house-keeping operations.  Automatic Backup Stores Voicemail, Auot Attendant Data and switch  log fiels to an FTP server.  After completion of the daily file-system cleanup taks, the switch begings automatic backup.  A time stamp is appended to the name of the files copied to the target server. Automatic backup provides a source for the most recent days voice mail and the other data in the event of a system failue.  It is not intended to be an archive of voice messages or a sourc fo retrieving deleted voice mail.  The following silent film clip walks you through the process of setting up an FTP site and properly configuring the ShoreWare Director for V switch backup!