Looking for a UCCX Wall Board? – VSR2 has the vision!
September 28th, 2014
If you have ever considered adding a Wallboard to your CISCO UCCX based Contact Center deployment, you know that the selections are slim.  There is a wealth of unsupported "freeware"  solutions on the net, generally the failed  result of someone trying to "roll there own" wallboard.   Clearly,  you always have that option if you have the time, talent and ongoing commitment to support Cisco's follow on versions and upgrades.  To assure ongoing compatibility with CISCO, you need a dedicated development team!  Finding a vendor supported wallboard that does not cost as much as the UCCX itself, however, has been very difficult until now.   We recently had the opportunity to work with VSR2, a UK based  CISCO partner who has been building software based solutions since 2007.   The VSR2 UCCX Wallboard product offering is both an astonishing accomplishment and a must have product for any serious call center deployment.   Not only is the product exceptional, but the entire team behind the product is a real joy to work with! The VSR2 installation is very simple, but it is generally done by a factory engineer over a remote desktop or TeamvViewer type remote connection.  The VSR2 solution runs on a Windows Server under IIS and interconnects with the UCCX over an Informix database connector.   Simply provide the usual UCCX database credentials and if there is network connectivity between your Windows Server and your UCCX server the install will be completed in less than 30 minutes, most of which is spent waiting for Microsoft!   We worked with an excellent engineer, Victor Spirin, who was very helpful in answering questions and also provided an initial over view of the systems capabilities. We successfully tested the VSR2 on both UCCX Version 8.5 and Version 9 with no problems, or show stoppers to report.  The Wallboard is easy to customize and there is a great deal of flexibility in every aspect of the configuration.  Your can select your columns, content, color and triggers.  You can create multiple CSQ  wallboards, or Agent based wallboards.  In fact you can create a library of  wallboards and you can send supervisors links to previously created wallboards.   VSR2 has also developed other tools that are effective for Call Centers including a call recording capability, but it is the VSR2 wallboard that brings this company to the forefront!   They offer a 30 free trial and if installed, it would be hard for us to predict that it would ever be removed!   Take a look!