Open Letter to CISCO Certification Management!
May 31st, 2013
Martin Sloan CCIE Voice Candidate #211151677 speaks for the entire CCIE Candidate community (DrVoIP included) when he wrote the following letter: I'm writing you this morning to express my great disappointment in regard to Cisco's recent announcement to retire the CCIE Voice track with no reasonable upgrade path to the CCIE Collaboration.  I know that you're well informed as to all the arguments which are being made against this decision on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets, so I won't go into any detail on why I think this is a bad decision.  At this point, the facts are well laid out for everyone to see. I'd like to ask you to please reconsider this decision and provide a reasonable upgrade path for the certified CCIE Voice candidates.  I, myself, am not yet certified but I will make my first attempt on July 29th of this year.  I don't need to tell you how much time, money and effort I've put into preparing for this exam.  It's been a goal of mine since I first started on the CCNA.  To completely retire a certification track that is still very relevant is incomprehensible. At the very least, I want to request that Cisco provide it's community with an intelligent argument to support it's recent decision to retire the CCIE Voice without a reasonable upgrade path.  We've heard very hallow responses citing new exam topics (that are already on v3) or that the description of the certification path wasn't accurate with the technology.  These answers are very much an insult to those that have been so loyal and sacrificed so much to achieve CCIE certifications.  Please, ask your team to reach out to the community so we can come to an objective decision on this.