Preview ShoreTel ECC 5.1 Agent Tool Bar!
July 10th, 2009
ShoreTel has now release the Enterprise Contact Center 5.1 for Beta users.  We are just now playin with it, but it has quite a few hot new features and even a new "look and feel" as it relates to icons.    For those of you who have installed the ECC, one of the more time consuming aspects of this deployment is the need to visit each desk to install the Agent Toolbar software.   Well, your prayers have been answered! An MSI is now available!  This will make upgrading, even a maintenance release, just that much more fun!   The 5.1 version has some other exciting capabilites that we will explore in detail in later blogs and film clips.  One of these is the ability to generate Real Time Adherance capability, a workforce management function that many call centers are demanding.  There are some new tabs and configuration options and as I said, there is a new look and feel.    Again, we will take a closer look at these features as we get more Beta experience but for now, lets just take a look at the Agent Tool Bar!