Setting up Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 Server for ShoreTel
October 28th, 2011
ShoreTel currently runs on Microsoft Servers.   There are a number of Windows components that need to be installed to support the deployment.  If you have been installing ShoreTel for any period of time you already know that  FTP and SMTP services  along with Microsoft Windows ASP.NET, IIS and certain of its components are also required including Active Server Pages and Server Side Includes.  I also recommend that you get HyperTerminal, or better Putty to support SSL connections to ShoreTel switches loaded on your HQ server.    I find SQLyog to be an effective trouble shooting tool, so I also get that on the HQ desktop.  Having Adobe available will enable you to read the online documentation that ShoreTel provides.    If you are new to Microsoft 2008 servers the process for loading Windows Components is a bit different, so this silent video clip will walk you through the process.