ShoreTel “Call Screening”
August 3rd, 2009
Call Screening is a popular telephone feature though some people consider it both annoying and insulting.    In ShoreTel 9 you have this option using “find me follow me” to ask the caller something equivalent to “who may I say is calling”?   The caller then speaks their name or wisecrack, they are asked to “please hold while I locate your party” and then you are called on your specified” find me follow me” location.   When your phone rings and you hear the name of the individual that is calling.  You must explicitly accept the call by pressing the digit 1, or the call will be taken back and the caller will hear:  “ I am sorry I could not reach your party at the tone please leave a message”. Actually, you can use this feature in the office if you are prepared to use two extensions on your ShoreTel phone (read two user licenses).   Set up the first extension (e.g. 114) with a call handling mode that has the following options checked in “find me follow me”.  First, check the box “Enable record callers name for Find me” and also “Enable Find me for incoming calls before playing Greeting”.   Set your First Number Find Me location to your second extension (e.g. 115).  When a call is received by your first extension, it will automatically prompt the caller with ‘the person you are calling requests your name”.  The System will then put them on hold and call your second extension, play the name and give you the option to accept or reject the call.  It is actually quite clever and it works! [caption id="attachment_349" align="aligncenter" width="300"]9.1 Find Me Option for "Call Screening" 9.1 Find Me Option for "Call Screening"[/caption]