ShoreTel Star Codes!
May 7th, 2009
starcodes Though I know we have readers out there who have never seen a rotary dial telephone (or a 33 RPM record), many readers will be familiar with “star codes”. Star Codes have been generally well known to most phone users since the inception of DTMF dialing. Who has not done the old *82 to block caller ID? In the ShoreTel system, basically, every feature has a star code making it possible to use a simple single line telephone set to do advanced features. If you do not have a list of these codes, send a request and we will send them right along. The characteristic of star codes that has me excited is how ShoreTel uses start codes with its “office anywhere” functionality. Many systems have the ability to forward a call to your cell phone (pun intended), but generally, the call dead ends there in your hand. How wonderful it would be to be on your cell phone and be able to transfer the caller to another team mate BACK IN THE OFFICE PBX! ShoreTel has a number of start codes that enable you to do jus that. In fact, **+Extension number+## will do just that! There are also star codes for conference e, hold, and access to the other star codes we talked about earlier. Now that it some powerful call processing, would you not agree?