ShorTel Tech Tip – Bulk Sound File Converter for WAV to ShoreTel format or CISCO format!
March 27th, 2011
We have previously posted a blog on the creation of ShoreTel WAV files using the Call Manager the desired result.  This is clearly a readily available tool and can reliably be used for small Automated Attendant greetings and to meet other WAV file requirements.  Generally in our standard deployments, we use an outside professional voice production studio to give our clients that extra level of attention that defines a quality Automated Attendant Greeting.  It seems however, that no matter how many times we specify the WAV file format we expect returned, there is an issue.   This requires us to reformat each WAV file and that all takes time.   Given that the clients usually wait until the absolute last minute to provide the script for their Automated Attendants, this extra step takes time the project really cant spare! We have also noted that, even when we are assured that we have a WAV file formatted with the correct parameters, we have audio playback issues.    Our outside studio uses Mac based applications and they swear they output to the correct format, but we still have playback issues!  In an ECC deployment you might have 100 different recordings that define your call flow, agent busy messages and Interactive Voice Response applications.   What is the best practice in converting these files to the proper ShoreTel WAV format?   Regardless of how the WAV was produced or how certain we are that it is in the correct format, we reformat the files anyway.   Loading a WAV file, only to find that it is defective when you are testing your Call Flow is a waste of time. Using some SOX a Linux utility ported for Windows, we were able to create  utility to convert WAV files in bulk.     You can download  SOX from the following site, or send us an email and I will forward you a link to download  a ZIP file containing a complete batch utility.  The zip file will create a new folder with three files inside including the SOX application and the Batch instructions.  Running this application is very easy.  Just drag your WAV files to the file named batch-convert-shoretel.   This will cause the Batch utility to initialize and run.   The output of the newly formatted files will be located in a new folder aptly named ShoreTel-Ready.   Send me an email and I will send you a link to the Utility. The file is available as a Free Digitial Download, open a free membership at and go for it!