Is your Contact Center “Smartphone“ enabled?
July 10th, 2015
“When it comes to customer engagement options, digital contact will surpass voice contact in contact centers in less than two years.   This prediction by Dimension Data also highlights not only are most Contact Centers unable to deal with Smartphone input like SMS or “text” messages, more than 80% do not have the IT  structure in place to manage the migration  to digital customer contact.

Text my next appointment please!

It is simple enough to test the validity of this claim.   Does your contact center currently support SMS or “text” message routing to the next available customer service agent?   Can a customer of your company send a text message that says, “Call me at  this number please”?  Intuitively you know that a text message costs less than a phone call.   We know that the info structure to support a text message is significantly less that the cost of the info-structure to support large numbers of incoming telephone lines.   So if you do not support SMS today, is it on your Contact Center road map?

“We are rushing the kids to school not waiting for the next available agent!”

Website “Chat” seems to be a feature adopted by Contact Centers but is that the correct digital engagement strategy?   It is the correct strategy for visitors to your website, but not for those dropping off the kids on the way to work!   Chat is great for website visitors,  SMS is the best solution for our highly mobile society!   If you are using Email in  your Contact Center then you are a small step away from allowing SMS and Text messages to reach your agents!  The technology is simple to implement and readily available.   Agents can hit reply and send an Text Message right back to the original cell phone, quickly and, all text messages are archived and reportable for compliance purposes. Being able to send a “chat” to someone who is on your website is a step in the right direction, but being able to open a real time voice conversation with that website surfer has much higher customer service impact!   So, what role does WebRTC play in your Call Center?  Customers are used to hearing Music on Hold,  but with WebRTC the option for Video on Hold  is a reality.   Think about it!  Is it on your Contact Center development road map?

‘TEXT2ECC’ to 702-956-8700

The issue is not Cloud versus Customer Premise. The issue is “voice” versus “digital” engagement strategies in customer service focused call centers.   Send the keyword 'TEXT2ECC'  to 702-956-8700 along with your email address and we can set you up with a T2E (text 2 email) account free of charge.  The video clip shows you how to access our WebRTC demo!   Give it a try and let us know what you think!