What is all the Hub about?
July 21st, 2009
So you can't get any help from the IT department getting a private printer connected to your office PC.  So what do you do?  You run down to your local favorite "we sell cheap computer stuff" store and buy a "hub" or "usb multiplier" or something that looks like a small "Ethernet Switch".  You take it back to the office, and having send the quick start guide, you unplug your computer from the wall jack, plug it into your shiny new thing and run a cable from it to the wall jack.  Then you plug in your new printer!  Maybe you go really geek and add in your own scanner and wireless access port! Enter VoIP phone deployment.  Anyone that has done a VoIP deployment knows or has learned the hard way, that "hubs" will kill a VoIP phone deployment!   Multiple devices in a hub will immediately change your ethernet port to half-duplex.   If you put the VoIP phone behind the hub, you are either using a local power brick or you will not have access to the POE on the home ethernet switch.   Running around a 400 desktop installation trying to reconfigure the wiring so that the wall jack feeds the phone and the hub goes into the bottom of the phone is one option. That is always a time sink and usually outside the statement of work (SOW) of any knowledgeable systems integrator. Hubs need to go the way of "buggy wips".   They mark a network as unmanageable and general indicate that there is no professional network administration being conducted at that location!   Personally, hubs should have the same warning label the government wants you to put on cigarette packages!   Hubs and toy switches may be ok for you home network, but in this day and age they have no place in an enterprise deployment and when it comes to VoIP deployments, they just don't make sense and they don't work!