Amazon Web Services

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A “cloud” solution managed entirely by you and your team

AWS provides a “shared security” model for building out your data center in a cloud environment. It is not a managed service, but a strategy for “elastic computing” or expanding and contracting your data center requirements on a demand basis! You are still responsible for managing your servers, but you can spin up new servers on demand or on a programmed basis.


Solution for business continuity

We have built out VoIP solutions on the AWS platform with great success and consider it an optimal solution for business continuity! It is the best of both worlds: a “cloud” solution managed entirely by you and your team.

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AWS storage solutions are ideal for VoIP backup

You can create hybrid models or just migrate components of your data center. For example, host your web servers, email and database servers at AWS and keep you applications on premise locally. You can even build VPN connectivity between your data center and your AWS instances!

What we provide:

  • Data Center Migration
  • VoIP System Deployment
  • On demand Technical Assistance

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