Things Small Businesses Should Know About VoIP

Communication is the key to the success of every business, whether small or large. Gone are the days when you would need to spend lots of money to get effective communications solutions. VoIP telephone systems and communications networks have become the new and recognized name in business telephony.

Doing It Right

Before jumping on to the bandwagon of VoIP telephony, there are a few things you need to know about this hassle-free and cost effective option. VoIP telephone systems are easy to install when professionals like us take on the task. Once the installation is correctly done, you will be able to route all your internal calls onto the computer network that you are using.

Cost Effective Solution

VoIP phone systems are not just useful for long distance calling or international calling. Yes, using VoIP telephone systems for long distance and international calling helps you save almost 90% of what you would have spent otherwise, but you will also be saving about 50% on your local calling expenses! This means that in effect, your telecommunications bill will be highly reduced. The use of the high speed Internet connection makes VoIP telephone systems highly cost effective as well as fast.

Hassle-Free Installation & Operation

With a hosted PBX, where in your VoIP equipment is not stored on your premises, you do away with the hassle of high start up costs and space needs. VoIP systems can be termed “hassle-free” because once we install them; you will not have to spend much on maintenance or upgrades. Since the system is software based, upgrades are infinitely easy and inexpensive. All your support needs will be met by DrVoIP. You can choose to take up an annual contract or pay per incident as you go.

Shared Resources

VoIP phone systems provide a streamlined network infrastructure. This means you will not have to deal with many networks. One network will fulfill all your needs. Multiple offices and branches can be connected seamlessly through VoIP, which means that features like the auto attendant, voice mail box and virtual receptionist can be shared by all systems.

Growing With You

While your business size is increasing, you can rest assured that your VoIP solution will grow with you. You can figure out how many calls your existing system can handle and tweak things up to suit your needs. Flexibility defines the VoIP phone system and depending on the service provider, you can even customize your phone systems to a large extent.

Enhance Productivity

Not only are VoIP telephone systems hassle-free and cost effective, but they are also highly customizable and productivity enhancing. Increase your business productivity when you switch to VoIP telephone systems, by reducing the network hassles and separate inbox management. You can concentrate your resources where you need them the most and let DrVoIP take care of your support needs. Don’t miss the opportunity of allowing this hassle-free and cost effective system to change the face of your business telecommunications systems!