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Collaboration and UC – Integration For Better Communication

Collaboration or Unified Communications is a boon to all small businesses that want to make maximum use of their VoIP systems. This new technological advancement allows you to integrate all your communication tools. Using this tool ensures that your small business, as well as separate individuals within the company, can use all their communications solutions on one integrated platform. All your communications form one entity instead of being broken down into separate bits. In essence, it works as a bridge between all your computer related communication platforms and your VoIP system technologies.


Integrate For Efficiency

Unified Communications are an essential integration service that has created a revolution in business communications and the phone industry. There are many benefits of using this technology. The main aim of this is to unify all your communications.


While voice communications may form the largest part of your business communication. The fact is there are many other pieces that fit into the communication puzzle. Making deals with clients or partners is a manifold process.

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Communications Puzzle

You may need to use emails to communicate or send a quotation by means of a fax. Irrespective of what type of communications systems you use, voice communication is still a little expensive as compared to other means. Dialogs on chats also serve the purpose without costing you anything. Video conferencing is another mode of communication that can greatly aid your business as you can access many different business partners at the same moment in time. Another important consideration is that when you are dealing with clients in the corporate world, the concept of office hours is stretched a lot. Particularly with international clients, you cannot hope to be available for some part of the day and not in the night in your time zone.

Integration is the only way you will be able to make the most of your communications system so that you can get maximum advantage financially and technically. Separate devices for all these communication systems will only be more cumbersome and overall, ineffective. Unified Communications is the answer to all these issues!

Advantages of Unified Communications

Things like single number reach and availability are best handled through Unified Communications!

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Availability greatly increases as your business can remain connected even when they are off the office premises. The use of soft phones or wireless IP phones is enough when your communications platforms are unified.


A large part of any company’s expense is the money that is lost when workers can’t make it to work for any reason. With Unified Communications solutions, your workers can simply work from home. Your foreign contacts will be able to keep in touch with you without causing any inconvenience due to delays based on distance and time zones.




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With all your services coming from one service provider, your business will only have to worry about handling one bill. At DrVoIP, our expert professionals can help you set up, install, configure and implement your Unified Communications solution. We even provide you with any training that you might need to run your VoIP systems more efficiently.

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