WebRTC “peer to peer” Call Center Demo!
March 17th, 2015
What is a “peer to peer” call center?  The concept is a fully functioning call center that exists only in the internet browser of the workgroup agents and supervisor participating.  In fact, no telephone lines are needed, beyond the published customer service number.  There is no large internal LAN network. No complex phone configuration, not eve n a handset. All communication with Agents is done through a Chrome or FireFox browser.  Your computer needs to have a microphone and be on the internet.  The microphone can be built in or be a USB based headset plugged into your computer. (Hey, here is an idea: Music on Hold is so last century, now we can have "video on hold"  show them a product demo)! We created a demo at http://DrQOS.com (Dr Quality of Service, DrVoIP’s alter ego) that you can log into as username:agent1 with a password:test1234. The demo system has a fictitious company automated attendant and when you call the main number 619-717-2143 you will hear the FAKE menu and you should immediately press 1#. You will then be routed through to the logged in Agent. The agent is made ready by just logging into the portal. Click on answer and you will be connected and speaking through the webRTC protocol resident in your browser out to the caller (again remember only Chrome or Firefox browsers are supported). NOTE - Please do not log in as the Agent and then call yourself through the Agent console, the demo is designed so you can see both sides.  You can be the agent or the caller, not both!   If there is no Agent logged in, the caller will be asked to leave a Voice Message.  In most Browsers the first time you click answer you will be prompted by the browser to grant access to your mic which you should allow!   2017 UPDATE - We have continue to develop the product and have taken down the above site.  It has now been replaced with a production ready solution built out on Twilio and AWS.   The product enables WebRTC as well as a variety of SMS services including text to email.  Please text the word DEMO to 424-348-4000 and we will set you up with a demo account.  Here is an overview of the product!