Compare ShoreTel ECC and CISCO UCCX – Handling Language Options

Anyone who has been deploying telephone systems for any length of time has run into the “language” issue.   Though I am personally tired of having to “Press one” for English, the fact remains that we market on a global basis even if we are a small local business.  It is rare to encounter an Automated Attendant or Call Tree that does not offer us the option of selecting another language.  In the States, Spanish tends to dominate the motivation to change language and it is invariably offered to all callers.

Setting up a basic automated attendant to handle a language change is relatively straight forward.  You end up recording your prompts in at least two languages and then you navigate a different tree based on the selection.   Providing a language option in an IVR Script for a ShoreTel ECC or CISCO UCCX, for example, is an entirely more complex process.  Yes, you end up having to record your prompts for each language offered, but do you really want to write to sets of call flow?  Contact Center Scripts can get relatively complex very quickly.  If you apply the same solution to a Contact Center Script as you do an Automated Attendant Call Tree, you will end up having to create at least two scripts: one in English and one in the other offered language.

You will really want to focus on a single call flow and a single set of prompts.   Do you want to have the complexity of writing a script that says play “WelcomePromptEnglish.WAV” and then have to write the same call flow again, but this time the script says play “WelcomePromptSpanish.wav”.  As my Grandson says, “REALLY”?    Would it not be more economical to write and to maintain a script that simply said play “WelcomePrompt.wav”?    At some point you are going to have to ask the caller to press or say something to change their language choice.   How about we run the same script and the only thing that changes is the subdirectory that the prompts are retrieved from?   In this way we only have one call flow script to maintain and scripting writing is significantly relived of the duplication of effort that language options often require.

ShoreTel and CISCO both manipulate the language option in their respective script editors differently.  Here we take a look at how the Java based Script Library in the CISCO UCCX would implement a language option using a single call flow script.