Dextr has a new Agent Performance Widget!

The Dextr agent dashboard for Amazon Connect has always had a real time metric display on its home screen.  The screen provides real time updates on queue related metrics.  An agent typically sees the performance of the team they are a member of while a supervisor can have a global view of all queue metrics.   If you are a member of multiple customer service queues, you can select which ones to display and monitor.  Dextr also provide a “live look” feature that showed calls in queue by caller ID and queue.


Dextr has released a new “widget” for the dashboard that now display Agent performance metrics.   This widget displays all of the metrics necessary for a supervisor to establish agent performance governance.  From individual call counts handled, through average talk times, handling times and a full range of statistics by agent.   All available on the same dashboard screen as the queue metrics providing a single pane of glass solution for even the most demanding contact center supervisor.


Dextr can be added to your existing Amazon Connect Contact Center instance in about 15 minutes.   If you do not have an Amazon Connect instance we can build you a state of the art inbound contact center complete with optional direct inward dialing, queue based voice mail, text messaging, email routing and chat.  We deploy globally and we deploy virtually, so do not hesitate to call us for Amazon Connect design, deployment and ongoing support.  Dextr is a subscription service with a cost of $1 a per day per agent and is available in all AWS regions that support Amazon Connect.  Dextr is setup on a “simultaneous agent” access and is not a named license!   –