More on ShoreTel V switches!

When installing a Shoregear switch, one of the parameters that you enable is to indicate which server is to manage this switch!    Normally this is no big deal, but with the V switch, you need to pay attention to this parameter as it will impact your Automated Attendant and Hunt Groups.

Let us assume we have a V switch installed in Dallas, Texas which is in the CST zone.    If this switch is managed by a server in the PST zone, then we need to adjust the schedules.    When using a V switch in another time zone, which would normally not be managed by a local DVM,  the site will need separate schedules applied to hunt groups and auto attendants.   The hunt group schedule will need time expressed in the time zone of the HQ server (example: site is in CST but HQ is in PST, 8-5 CST would then be entered as 6-3 PST on the schedule for hunt groups).   The auto attendant schedule will use the time zone of the application server (the local V switch) so the time can be entered in the local time zone.

The first time you set this up it will undoubtedly bite you!  So be aware of this configuration issue and save yourself a service call from the impacted User Group!