ShoreTel Location Based Services

At first I had to think about why I would want LBS on my ShoreTel Mobile Call Manager?   After all, it already alows me to change my call handling modes, access my voice mail and see my call history.   I can assign my cell phone as my “external assignment” and go seat on the beach while managing all of my office phone calls as if I was sitting at my desk.  So what do I need Location Based Services for?   With ShoreTel Version 9 the GPS in my phone can use my current location to set my call handling mode and effectively change my external assignment.  So when I am in the office, all the calls to my extension ring in at my desk.  If I go out for lunch the GPS notes my location as “not in the office” changes my external assignement and my calls start rining in on my cell.  When I finally get home from a long day at the beach, the GPS notes that I am home and assigns my extension to my home phone.   Now that may not be the definition of fixed mobile convergence, but it works for me!