Voip Network Monitoring

We have been actively working with VoIP since 1999!   Since 2001 we have installed well over 10,000 ShoreTel desktops and one characteristic of these VoIP environments has surfaced into high relief on the radar screen here in technical support:  A VoIP solution is only as good as the computer Network it runs on! Network Monitoring – a Necessary Evil?  When someone mentions network monitoring, most network administrators immediately start thinking: overpriced, large server requirements, difficult to install, time-consuming to configure.  If those hurdles are overcome, then there’s a potential rainbow at the end of the road: Immediate notification of problems, faster problem resolution, less downtime of services.  That equates to happier & more productive users, and a more profitable organization. What’s interesting to realize is that the vast majority of companies all want to know the same things with their network:

  • When do problems happen?
  • Where are the problems?
  • Why do these problems exist?

We have decided to create a product that eliminates all of the hurdles and answer these same questions no matter how large or complex a network was deployed.

We can now:

  • Deploy and auto-discovers your entire network in just a few minutes
  • Continuously monitors the health of every device and interface on your network

This allows for some proactive analysis that includes:

  • Quickly learn which interfaces in your entire network are discarding packets
  • Perform a call path mapping of the health of every interface used in a VoIP call
  • Run a call simulation from any computer to any IP endpoint (including router interfaces)
  • Know what your current Internet utilization is – live (updated every 2.5 seconds)
  • Learn the switch and port where your VoIP phones are connected

Contact us today and we will send you a FREE completely operating network monitoring system for your evaluation.  Send a return email that lists:

  • Company Name
  • User Name
  • User email address
  • User phone number

And we will email you the download link and evaluation license code! Our only requirement is that you be a ShoreTel  system user.!