DrVoIP Amazon Connect Tech Tip – LEX Bot Versions!

Well, it is the 21st century and though we still drag around fax machines, we do seem to be getting away from Touch Tone Call Tree IVR systems!  Really, are you not tired of “Press 1 for this and Press 2 for that”?   I know I am at every opportunity to replace a DTMF IVR with a speech recognition I jump on it!  “Thanks for calling how can I route your call” is a lot more like what you would imagine we would have in the era of Artificial Intelligence and natural language speech processing.   Thanks to the ever expanding ecosystem found in the AWS, we can add this technology to an Amazon Connect Call Center with ease and economy.  Long gone are the outrageous “per-port” license fees historically charged for speech recognition technology.

We have other tutorials on our YouTube Channel that deal with configuration of LEX, the AWS speech recognition capable BOT!   In this tech tip we review the process of “versioning” you LEX bot and we explore the concept of “Alias” publications.  This is often a misunderstood concept and hopefully this tutorial will help eliminate or reduce the mystery of this subject matter!    Keep those cards and letters coming – DrVoIP@DrVoIP.com